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Pathways Wellness Massage & Spa

Life Hurts ~ Let Us Help!

Customer Testimonials

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5-Star on 5/11/2016 (filtered)

"I was suffering from a lot of neck, shoulder and back pain from work and college classes. I decided to give massage a try to see how much it could help with all the stress I carry. I'm so glad I did! Suzie knew just how to get to the root of my problem and in a single session, my headache was gone and I could turn my head. She's amazing and I'll definitely be back as a regular!" ~Kaylene H.

5-Star on 6/5/2016 (filtered)

"I had a stroke 6 months ago, and it felt like I had a brick stuck in my left side of my rear-end. I tried acupuncture and muscle relaxers then my daughter told me I should try massage. The next day I found a flyer on my car with an introductory offer for Pathways wellness massage and decided to call. My appointment with Tim was amazing, he worked on my left side rear-end and performed a series of stretches that made my "brick" a lot smaller and I was nearly pain free. I couldn't believe it. I can't wait for my next appointment." ~William C.

5-Star on 6/10/2016

"I can't recommend this place enough. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain due to my stressful lifestyle. Susan and Tim help relieve it through trigger point and therapeutic style massage. There are some therapists that scratch the surface which is great but then a week later it has gotten back to the same knots. Susan and Tim penetrate deep into the muscle and release the bunched up toxins and negative energy. I feel lighter and free of unwanted feelings. I'm so thankful for having them in my life. Can't wait to see you two on tuesday for my 90 min!" ~Sarah J.

5-Star on 8/18/2016

"I was in so much pain, I have been needing to get a massage for quite some time and it just has not been in my current budget. The horoscope for Aquarius today suggested that I book a massage that was just the push I needed, I decided to search online and put out to the universe that I really need to find a place that had awesome therapist that really knew the body and understood what it was like to be in chronic pain. I called and spoke with Suzie one of the owners first thing I picked on from our conversation was that she is very knowledgeable and told her that I really needed to get in today if possible because I was under so much stress. I was able to get a late evening appointment. It was easy to find, lots of parking, and the ambiance is soon as you walk in the door let see you leave your stress right outside it. While I filled out my initial paperwork I was given a foot soak and a glass of bubbly Mimosa. Tim is her husband and the other massage therapist, he talked with me as I filled out the paperwork, he is also very knowledgeable and they have different massage styles but also work together as a team. They have a membership available which is very affordable, I was able to take the form home so I can read it over which a lot of spas do not allow you to do. I definitely feel it's something that I am going to invest in for my body, for my future, just you would take care of your car. Your body needs maintenance and it will thank you for it. My original one hour massage ended up being a full two hours because I needed so much work and was in so much pain. I had one of the best massages ever. Susie totally listened to me, I cannot tell you how amazing this team are and how blessed I feel to have found them they are definitely won me as a customer and I hope to be back there in the next few weeks. I would give them 10 stars if 10 were available, not just 10 stars but 10 stars blinking and flashing and shining. What a relief it is to actually find a new business that has customer service, genuine love of the skills and services they are providing. I highly recommend either Susie or Tim for a massage." ~Christina M.

5-Star on 8/26/2016 (filtered)

"My husband and I had a great experience at Pathways Wellness Massage and Spa. They were able to get us in on short notice and we both had good massages. Tim did a great job of finding the places that needed some extra work and loosening them up." ~Chris C.

5-Star on 9/5/2016

Best massage I've had in Santa Rosa! I've lived here 3 years and have been looking for a therapeutical massage for all my "issues." Tim is fantastic. ~Lola F.

5-Star on 11/25/2016

"I had pretty good expectations off the bat from reading reviews, but have had some lackluster massages in Santa Rosa- didn't hold my hopes too high. But I will say that Tim and Susan blew my expectations out of the water!!! Greeted like company in a home, a newcomer and I were offered foot baths and a drink. Super relaxing intro while you do your paperwork. In the massage Tim really listened to my needs for problem areas and concerns. As a jewelry artist, I have to pay attention to my neck, arms, and lower back. Tim gave special attention to these areas, really thoroughly working out knows in my back and neck. He even gave me some tips on how to deal with pain relief if it comes up from working. Really worth the price- I wish I had known about them sooner!" ~Joshua W.

5-Star on 12/21/2016

" Just got done with my massage with Suzie...HANDS DOWN the BEST massage I have ever had. I rarely take the time to write a review for someone, and if I do, it's because they are above and beyond any place like it. I called Suzie "the back whisperer" because she truly is. She uses a technique unlike any other place I have been to. There is such a science behind the movements she uses- Suzie improved my mobility and loosened up my knots and significantly reduced my back and shoulder pain! My hips were able to move in more ways than ever because of what she did! She could explain to me areas of my back that have issues and pinpoint/treat the areas that cause them. She is super knowledgeable and passionate in healing people's back, I could tell she took her time with each area of my back to ensure it was healed well before moving on. I did the holiday special which included a warm foot soak, neck wrap, and holiday drink. Suzie and Tim (her husband) were so hospitable and genuinely kind people. I felt so comfortable and already wanting to book my next appointment and have my husband try it out too! I HIGHLY recommend Pathways Wellness Massage and Spa!!" ~Samantha K.

5-Star on 12/23/2016 (filtered)

"Suzie & Tim are truly amazing, friendly, caring & extremely knowledgeable! Suzie & Tim made my gloomy day so bright with great care of my back that was misaligned and completely out of wack! Between the 2 of them, they really know their stuff & worked their magic with their knowledge in relieving my many back issues! Suzie & Tim went above & beyond which really made me feel as though they were caring for a family member. I cannot recommend Pathways Wellness Massage & Spa highly enough. Best massage EVER! Thank you for taking such care of me while I was in your hands (LITERALLY)........ 1st time to have this much relief in 4 years. I would have to agree with another earlier review, they are both "BACK WHISPERERS!"" ~Larry S.

5-Star on 2/1/2017

" Absolutely stellar! My husband and I booked our first massage with Tim and Suzie this evening and from the soothing scent of the spa to the pre-massage heated neck wrap and foot soak, I knew we were in great hands...Literally! I have chronic tension and knots and with Suzie's rare blend of intiution, talent, skill, and most importantly *care, she was able to release tension that I've had for months (even with semi-regular massage). Her vast knowledge of body mechanics combined with the multitude of techniques she applied helped remarkably improve my neck and back mobility. My husband just raved about Tim as well and was incredibly impressed with both his technique and warm, calming energy. Tim and Suzie's bodywork is truly secomd to none and we are so thankful that we have found such gifted therapists right in our neighborhood!" ~Tara M.

5-Star on 2/19/2017

"Honestly, the best massage experience we've had. They are very professional and know exactly what they are doing. This isn't your typical, get in get out type of massage place. They start you out with a complementary glass of champagne and foot soaking. Then they move on to the massage, identifying exactly what needs to be worked on without me even telling them. Wonderful experience, I couldn't recommend it more." ~Kory K.

5-Star on 2/20/2017 (filtered)

"My wife and I made an appointment here while on a weekend getaway and were completely amazed by the skill, competence and professionalism that was demonstrated here. Tim and Suzie did more for both of our issues in a single session than months of medical treatment ever accomplished. We are so grateful for them; they stayed late to help us and did such an amazing job. Their attention to detail showed a level of care and dedication that we are very appreciative of. My wife received relief from her chronic pain and I regained range of motion in my neck as well as comfort in my legs and back that I haven't experienced in quite some time. We can't recommend them enough and will certainly be back!" ~Christopher K.